There are few places in life where we as parents are more vulnerable to fear, worry and distress than those places where our child is struggling or in crisis. At the same time this is very often the place where we feel most isolated, judged and without hope.

Our commitment is to provide a safe place where we can come alongside, listen, share experiences and resources and prayerfully encourage each other. Our support is not contingent on being a member of this church or any other.

This article in the UPC Times gives a glimpse into this groups beginnings. Share with someone you know who might appreciate knowing about this group. ARTICLE


Upcoming Support Group Meetings

We would love to have you join us the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30 in the Rainier House Conference Room. (Rainier House is located next to the parking lot on the north side of UPC at 4714 15th Ave NE.)



Would you change an event your child’s life?

Listen to an interesting sermon

George Hinman, UPC Senior Pastor, shares some insights on being a parent and invites you to think weather you would change anything in your child’s life if you had the chance.

Listen to the sermon here.